Summer Reading

Dear ladies,

I pray you are all having a wonderful summer season thus far!  This summer we will not be having any formal Women's Bible Study.  What we would like to suggest is an encouraging and inspiring list of books for summer reading.  The books linked below are personal favorites and stalwarts of the faith, not only in the lives of women of our fellowship personally, but countless more.  It is our hope that you take along your selected reading, wherever the Lord leads you, and be strengthened and immensely blessed! 

Below is a power-packed list of books, beginning, of course, with the Bible.  If you have yet to participate in a daily reading of the Word of God, make the summer of 2015 the time you begin.  The One Year Bible will bring great inspiration and blessing through the daily reading and application of the The Word.  In addition to the One Year, there are two classic daily devotionals, rich in the Word, that have offered countless readers great encouragement through the years.  With the recent passing of Elizabeth Elliot, I thought it very fitting to include, Through the Gates of Splendor.  It is a powerful and remarkable story of faith that will break your heart and exceedingly bless you at the same time.  This summer reading list is rich in blessings.  As you prayerfully make your selection(s), I pray that the Lord will accomplish all He desires for each one of us! 

Summer Social

Bring your summer reading to the end of the season Women's Ministry Summer Social!

As summer comes to a close, we will be having a Summer Social!   Ladies, you will have opportunity to share various insights and personal blessings gleaned from the books that you have read throughout this summer.  Essentially, we will have Christ-centered coffee/tea klatches throughout the sanctuary! This is a great time to edify one another through personal testimony and simply spend sweet time visiting over tea, coffee, and tasty trifles!  

*Stay tuned in for up-coming summer social info, so you don't miss out.

Many blessings...and happy reading!