Sermons > 7 Mountains


David Brody  |  4.30.17  |  Sunday PM

David Brody from the Christian Broadcasting Networking shares on our last cultural mountain of influence: media.


Rob McCoy  |  4.23.17  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Rob McCoy shares his unique perspective as a pastor and city councilman of how the gospel affects the cultural mountain of politics.


Rob McCoy  |  4.9.17  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Rob shares the pulpit with Nonie Darwish. Nonie shares her amazing testimony of finding Jesus in the midst of being raised Muslim. Afterwards, Pastor Rob conducts a Q&A session with Nonie and James Crawford.


Bret Shellabarger  |  4.2.17  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Bret Shellabarger shares what it looks like to create a gospel-centered family. Following his message, he has a quick question and answer with a panel of three couples.


Keith Jones  |  3.26.17  |  Sunday PM

Elder and local teacher Keith Jones steps in to share what it looks like to be salt & light in the world of education.

Arts & Entertainment

Brad Cummings  |  3.19.17  |  Sunday PM

Brad Cummings teaches our second mountain of cultural influence: arts & entertainment, followed by a Q&A session facilitated by Pastor Rob.


Mark Glesne  |  3.12.17  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Mark speaks on the first mountain of cultural influence: business. After the message, Pastor Mark has a Q&A with professional skater and entrepreneur, Mikey Taylor.


Mark Glesne  |  3.5.17  |  Sunday PM

Pastor Mark Glesne introduces our new series, "7 Mountains of Cultural Influence". Throughout this series, we'll uncover how the gospel unfolds in the cultural mountains of influence of business, arts & entertainment, eduction, family, religion, politics, and media.