American Legacy Series

A Culture of Sexuality

Pastor Rob McCoy tackles the concept of "Libido Dominandi," and how this principal has been piloting our American culture. 

Rob McCoy  |  2.14.18 |  Wednesday PM


Homosexuality - A Polarized Society

In a society of polarizing social politics, how do we stay culturally relevant, and remain morally true?

Rob McCoy  |  2.7.18 |  Wednesday PM


Regulatory Agencies

Rob McCoy discuses the woes of modern regulatory agencies and why something that was created to strengthen the political process, has pushed aside key aspects of our nation's constitution. 

Rob McCoy  |  1.31.18 |  Wednesday PM



As our country struggles to identify the things that threaten it, we learn that terrorism is not subjective or ambiguous, but clear and targetable. 

Rob McCoy  |  1.24.18  |  Wednesday PM



In this American Legacy Series lesson, Rob McCoy focuses on racism of the past, and racial tensions that we are dealing with today.

Rob McCoy  |  1.17.18 |  Wednesday PM



What is a constitutional view of immigration? How can a country embrace compassion, while maintaining its sovereignty. 

Rob McCoy  |  1.10.18  |  Wednesday PM


Free Speech

Pastor Rob continues his American Legacy Series, and takes a look at some important details of our First Amendment. What is free speech and how are you being silenced? 

Rob McCoy  |  1.3.18  |  Wednesday PM


Christmas 1968

As the country grows disillusioned in the late '60s, we receive a special message from a group of extraordinary men.

Rob McCoy  |  12.20.17  |  Wednesday PM


Western Heritage

Rob McCoy takes a step back and explores the roots of our western heritage.

Rob McCoy  |  11.29.17  |  Wednesday PM



Pastor Rob McCoy takes a look back into a dark chapter of our country's history, and what he calls, "a constitutional crisis."

Rob McCoy  |  11.22.17  |  Wednesday PM



Pastor Rob continues in our Wednesday night series, "American Legacy Series", where he discusses the dangers and realities of progressivism in the United States.

Rob McCoy  |  11.15.17  |  Wednesday PM



Rob continues the American Legacy Series and teaches on the necessity of virtue in the Constitution.

Rob McCoy  |  11.1.17  |  Wednesday PM



What makes America's constitution unlike any other in the world? We take a look at key concepts set in place by our founders, and explore where those concepts came from.

Rob McCoy  |  10.25.17  |  Wednesday PM



Our society is full of passions, appetites, and impulses. In order to be an effective member of the body politic, we must embrace reason, debate, and patience. 

Rob McCoy  |  10.11.17  |  Wednesday PM


We the People

Pastor and city councilman Rob McCoy is in week 4 of our current Wednesday night study, "American Legacy Series", talking about the significance to these three words from the Preamble of the United States Constitution.

Rob McCoy  |  10.4.17  |  Wednesday PM



A word so critical, that a proper understanding of its importance, sparked a revolutionary war. 

Rob McCoy  |  9.27.17  |  Wednesday PM



 In week two of the American Legacy Series, Pastor and City Councilman Rob McCoy continues to teach on the foundations of America, looking at the origins of our formation as a constitutional republic. 

Rob McCoy  |  9.20.17  |  Wednesday PM


America's Four Causes

Pastor & City Councilman Rob McCoy begins a new study Wednesday nights called, "The American Legacy Series", looking at the foundations of our country. In this first week, we discuss the "Four Causes" of America.

Rob McCoy  |  9.13.17  |  Wednesday PM